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I dont buy the argument of increase steel prices, inflation, or the popular "everything has gone up". My background is manufacturing and when manufactures take increases on components and raw materials they make a decision, either to pass it on to the customer or offset the price increase through other means. Other means = sourcing materials and purchased parts trough new suppliers, low cost country sourcing, redesign, BOM changes, assembly outsourcing, lower grade components and innovations. Now that last design from Exmark is about 5 years old now which i believe was good but it's still nothing to pay 13K over.

Anyhow, 2 machines = 30K, just wow is all i can say. I mean if your product is Exmark's cut quality then your job is to maintain the quality with your customers so i can see not wanting to switch or anything but for 15K you can get two snapper pro's and pocket the other 15K.
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