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Originally Posted by knox gsl View Post
Yeah for you and a money pit hobby, imagine what life would be like if you put all that money into paying off your home and invested it into your business.
I know I work 7 day's a week every week that is now as I don't know what I will do when grass get's going but I did put lights on my ZT and made a car light in to a head light I put on my head it powered by a 6cell RC car pack.

As for the 580 blower I am going to the dealer Monday as for he will no't call me back .When I call the girl answer the phone says he's no't in and I ask for the price she start's saying the what is the full price I stop her right there tell her he said " You preorder so I am going to give you a super good deal right at cost" .She said "I remember this I will have hem give you a call" This was on Thursday he will no't talk to me.

If he doesn't honor he's agreement I will get it on-line will be shipped to my business address.

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