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I have stopped trying to figure out how everybody else bids their jobs. You can take 5 LCO's, put them in a room with the same bid packet and all 5 will come back different. Alot different. I just bid a commercial facility. I was given the bid from another LCO to reference. Even though the price was obscured, I could still see what he quoted. I was $8,000.00 a year over his bid and was nervous at that. There is no consistancy in what we do. From the guys doing it for beer money and trying to clear $10.00 per hour to the guys who do this for a living that try to clear $60.00 per hour, there is just know consistancy in the pricing. I have given up on commercial properties. Folks lose their minds when it comes to bidding them. In my opinion, it does not matter if you are cutting 20 one acre residential lots or one 20 acre commercial facility. It is still hot, dirty and very tiring work. Expenses are expenses. Charge them for what you do, and have enough profit in it to make it worth doing. By the way, the big commercial properties are not going to fix or replace your equipment when it breaks!!
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