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iMow, Thanks, I'll take a look into it, I am a avid reader, and right now I'm reading the "Pumpkin Plan" that ETW was telling everyone to give it a read. I do have WAREX coming up for the Army Reserve that's 3 weeks. I'm planning on picking up some more books before I send off to Cali in March.

The restart up equipment I have is.
98 Chevy 3500 6.5 Diesel
Hydro Scag 48in Advantage deck walkbehind w/sulky
Kawi 27KG(T????) string trimmer
Brother's 5x8 w/rear ramp trailer that I can borrow till I get another or find a good used one.
Still have all the mechanics tools, portable air tank, fuel cans (have what seems like 20 of them), grease gun with tubes of grease, straps, and all the little odds and ends that would be needed.

The only real equipment purchase I would need is a blower. The last one I had was a Husky 125BT (like the 130). Worked great for blowing clippings off surfaces and out of beds.

The 48in in my area is great, its a pretty much go anywhere type of mower. I barely used my 21in last year. But it should be in the equipment inventory, to allow more flexablity for bidding, my mowers over all width is actually 49in but will still fit in most service gates for backyards.

Bidding commerical in my area is extremely cut throat, I will still bid on commerical, I might get it I might not get it. Is it needed to survive and grow, I don't seem to think so. Most commerical in my area are a decent size and using my current equipment list, normal turn around on servicing the property about 2hrs. I could do more residental sized properties in that time period for more pay.
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