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Maybe another point to remember. Not all employee's want to better themselves or advance. You cant fix stupid and sometimes there are employee's that just want to dig trenches and get a paycheck. When they break something or dont meet your expectations you need to ask yourself what do they want.

I will agree with green will. Make sure there is a "create a clear structure for evaluation and raises and promotion" so when that ditch diger comes to you and wants a raise not only do you have a clear plan but they will also see what is required of them to advance. Every employee is diffrent and not every employee will be able to ride along as your company grows, some will have to be kicked off the bus, others will have to droped off, and new ones picked up etc.

If you are worried about equipment damage and upkeep, it is pretty easy to spot accidents and outright "beating" on the equipment. Those people should be terminated immediatly regardless if it is small things or big things.

I learned the hard way. Asking them to stop, talking with them, training, etc. Does not work imo

A little public shaming usually will whip the other employee's in place.

Example at team meeting I might say--- Roger is no longer working here. I talked to him several times about being hard on equipment, and he chose to continue his behavior so he will no longer be workig here.

Then I tell them why it is important to them to take care of the equipment for the betterment of them and the company.

Money very rarely motivates ---doesnt matter if you pay them $5.00 or $50,000 to an employee who beats on or damages equipment---they will contiue the same behavior 9X out of 10

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