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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post and testimonials do not fix engines...they boost sales...
I've used Startron in boats for helps keep water out of the fuel during long periods of inactivity..
Mechanics is based on science...facts that can be proved...When the makers of these products can show me what they fixed..and how they fixed it...and also give. Me a list of the things their product can't do...
Then...I may give them some credence...
Well I don't have any scientific evidence, just experience using the product. The mower was ticking and sputtering. Within one week of using ST the problem started fading away until it was completely gone. Stopped using it because I thought the problem was cured. The problem came back, so I just made ST a permanent add on to fuel. Same thing with the weedeater and hedge trimmer. All were having problems even though I use 89 octane. My equipment is out of use for 2 months out of the year. I dump all the fuel after the 2 months because of dirt accumulation in the bottom of the cans ie black specs etc
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