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Originally Posted by DiSantolandscaping View Post
yea i just have to figure out what to say on their to sound professional enough. i know what to say just gotta word it right. I have a papper with something that i want to say but dont know if it is good enough heres what id start with.

Disanto Landscaping


Whatever you landscaping needs, DiSanto Landscaping & Snowplowing can help! Our professional staff provides complete landscaping services to commercial or residential properties. From your intial consultation to the completion of each design, we have the working knowledge that you can trust and the years of experiecne that you can rely on.

our services include:

landscape maintenance
landscaping desing
laying sod/seeding lawns
planting shrubbery, trees, and flower beds
install interlocking brick or paver stones
install/maintain drainage systems
water features/ponds
outdoor lighting
snowplowing and removal

hows that so far
IMO it's way too wordy/lengthy. Focus on one aspect of the biz you want to advertise (like mowing). Get your foot in the door with them and then you can upsell them on all your other services. People are lazy...they read 3 sentences and they zone out. That's just my opinion, though.

I say company name, phone #

mowing/trimming/edge blow...this size is this price...this size is this price

That's it. That's all I'd put. And the other guys advice on posting it as a flyer is really good too.

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