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OK...let me clarify the RUB I have with these magic potions...
Most of these products have some redeeming quality...if they didn't...everybody would start selling blue and green colored alcohol..
It is the vagueness of their "One Product Fixes Everything " marketing..that lures people into buying this stuff..
The idea that it fixed someone elses its worth throwing $10 at the problem to see if will fix mine...has made millions of dollars for these companies... All the time never being forthcoming about what their products can't do...
These companies have the money to research the true effects of their products...and are probably aware of their shortcomings..
Truth in advertising...along with disclosure...may cost them some sales...but it would go a long way for their credibility..

If the stuff works for you....use the power...
If You Have All The Answers...Except The One You Need...You're Not Trying Hard Enough...
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