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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
i'm very interested to hear what others have to say, especially ones that have been through it before...

there is no definite answer or formula...mostly depends on the buyer...if you asked 200k, you might have a shot if you found the right person, but most people aren't going to be willing to pay over 100k...unfortunately snow removal can't be included because it's simply not a part of the business, it should be considered as a perk

i would take your best month during the growing season which includes mowing, chemical apps, etc, and add it to the true value of your equipment...i would say this is a good i said, mowing usually goes for 4-6 cuts...i feel like my business is worth well over that so i would definitely ask for more around my gross sales...
This is where deals fall through. I emailed a company who was looking to sell out about purchasing their business. I was primarily interested in their accounts list as their equipment was all dated. I told them I would give them one months gross for the accounts (25 lawns,) he told me he was insulted with my offer and said the accounts were worth 100k . Like the saying goes, "there's an A$$ for every seat" in the end a business is worth what someone will pay for it.
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