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Originally Posted by muddywater View Post
I think it would be a neat toy for a 14 year old. The payment shouldn't be much since the kid has no overhead, lives at home, and no cost of living.

If it were me I would try to get a nice used machine for 25k or so.

And I think an education is important, but a work ethic is more important. How many college kids have useless degrees these days and still live at home with their parents?

I know if I went to college my net worth would be 25% if that of what is today. I have busted my rear since I was his age and I don't have regrets.
A man (woman) with a strong work ethic will never go hungry. I think there are things you can do that may help open doors of opportunity and college, military are a couple of those doors. However a strong work ethic is the cornerstone of success. Without that, you can open as many doors as you like but you will never reach your potential.
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