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Okay guys had 2 pest companies come out, one said they treat diseases, insect, and weeds and also fertilize every other month for $60 each time. The other recommended an initial treatment for $100 and then a follow up next week for $100 and then a monthly plan of $55. Over $700 a yr for a small front lawn is ridiculous.

Both said I was watering too much that during the winter/spring time I should be watering once a week. They said the dollar weed is from too much water. They said all the browning is from brown patch fungus. I asked both if they could get the brown patch to come back, they both said they the fungicide they use have some type of chemical in it that turns the grass greener. Don't know how true that is.

At this point for the issues do I really need a pest company? When I used Scott's brown patch control it seemed to stop any of the brown patch spreading. Is there something I can buy to shoot on the dollar weed to kill it myself?

Also, my main concern is where all of the brown patch is to have that area come back growing and green. Is there any product I can buy that will help achieve this? Should I let my grass grow long for a while before the next cut? The pest guys also said the lawn guys cut the grass too short causing a lot of the dying.


Is it worth paying a pesticide company to "attempt" to fix the lawn by killing the dollar weeds and "attempting" to get the brown patch growing and green again?

Or is there something I can buy locally and do?

Realistically, can I revive the brown patch areas and if so how?

Thank you everyone you have been very very helpful so far!
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