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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
the best answer so far in this thread is will it destroy the industry, no, but will it change the industry...absolutely

i doubt battery operated will be the wave of the future, but i do think an alternative fuel will take my own opinion i think propane is the future

i wouldn't be shocked to see all battery operated but i don't see it happening...somethings going to happen, it has to, it's going to be interesting to see where things are in 5 years

the problem i see is supply and demand...if everyone switches to propane or a different alternative fuel what happens to the price of gasoline, propane, etc...
I would totally think battery operation will be the way to go. keep in mind, where does it all start at.... cars. and you dont see too many propane driven vehicals being made, but yet battery vehicals are on the rise.

From an engineers stand point. I can use elecric motors for everything, I dont need any belts, I dont need any hoses, no pullies, no engine, no hydo motors, no hydro pumps, no oil, no hydro oil, no starter, no starter battery, no alternator, no transmittions, no clutches for the pto. and no effciency loss from the use of the above objects due to friction. no oil changes, no belt chages, no blowing hydro hose, pumps, seals or motors, no pull starters and the list goes on and on. the largest mining equiptment we have is electric, trains are electricly driven.

only problem is can they produce a battery that will last a decent amount of time and give good preformance. we already burn though 3k plus a year in fuel alone per mower. so if they could billed a ztr with preformance that was in the 12-15k range on battery I would buy it.

stihl has battery power units, and they arent terrible. granded not up to commercial standards, yet. but the cordless screw driver took years for the consumer to buy, now even major contractors have 18 volt dewalts. I havnt used my corded drill in years.
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