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Originally Posted by UniqueLawn&LandscapeTN View Post
yea, Ive never really understood why people make such a BIG deal over stripes? Yea they look good to us and other lawn guys but to the average person that pays to get their lawn maintained, they have no earthly idea about the stripes and the ones that do notice them have no idea how its done!!! As for the smaller commercial yards you are refering to (banks, store fronts, etc) a 21" is in most cases better than say a 60" ZTR because you wont disrupt the lawn as much turning around and maneuvering and in the end will make a cleaner appearance...thats just my opinion!!
All you northern states guys are so lucky to have the types of grass that will stripe. 85% of my customers have centipede that is mowed at 1-1/2 inches tall, light green and barely visible striping to the untrained eye. the few I have with St Augustine, look really sharp and lots of them notice it too. especially their neighbors who always want to know how I did that. PAY me $$$, make yours look the same way
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