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I dont know jobber or gopher so I cant comment on them

and dont get me wrong i have my fair share of bones to pick with the guys over at SAP (whom i have recently talked to and am awaiting answers)

but - I belive that SAP is worth every penny and then some. your talking about a 1000 difference - in business terms that nothing really. If you think 1000 is alot of money, your in the wrong mindset.

where sap is now, its great, but where it is going hopefully will be even better. the guys over at SAP have the drive to do it, and I belive they will.
SAP - runs on their servers - not your home PC. if your PC goes down, your f__ked unless you back up every night. I lost my data once, bad day, bad week, bad month. do you know with the mobil site, the guys punch on the off sites with their phone. real time. billing can be done in less than 5 mins no matter how manay accounts you have. heck you dont even have to mail or print them, stamp and fold them if you dont want, they have a service that will do it for you.

customers go onto my website, fill in information and that is inputted into SAP, nothing needs to be done on your part.

where SAP is going - if they finally are able to put into effect the "work flow managment" that is what will change everything - there is nothing in the industry that will do that. sales will go up as a result, happier customers, there is no negative to that.
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