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Just a little update. I've been searching for a good business plan template for a bit and everyone I found won't explain the sections really that well or provide a example of a section. I finally found a good one from, I've read through the template, all 31 pages of it, and looks to be a great start on it.

Me and the fiance took a trip to goodwill today, finally got a new montior ($25) for my desktop computer. The Laptop was nice but for sitting on it and writing something up its just horrible.

Next on the little to do list is clean out my personal office space, go through the bottom drawer of the file cabinet that I was using for my previous business and reorganise it. Now here is the question, should I continue with my old business name or change it over to something else. I still crap ton of marketing material (business cards, truck lettering, envolopes, letter heads, pens, etc.....) for the old business. Should I just dump it and start new or just keep with it, note I don't want a name that states my own name or part of it in the business name.
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