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i have had horrible luck with mailers and doorhangers, always have. last week i have picked up 3 full maintenance accounts from people who found me on google, (one was looking for a competitor and found me). my website, and being easy to find on google has been the cheapest form of advertising with the best return for me. I also get alot of calls from people looking for jobs too! so i guess thats good that i'm able to be found easy.

anyways, my point.. if you don't have a website, go get one now. I'm not to internet savy myself, but with alot of reading and help from a few on here i've managed to make the website work for me.

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I tried the door hanger deal last year and actually had them designed so that I could write the estimate for that particular yard on the back of it so that people would know up-front the cost of our service...out off about 300-350 that were all personally hand delivered in local subdivsion targeted areas, I recieved "0" ZERO return!! This year Im going to try the EDDM route and sending out 5,000 postcards in groups of 1250-4 times...or 2500-2 times....nobody in my areas are doing that yet and I'm hoping that will gain me an edge on the others??? I'm also looking into a website but i'm not sure the return on that will justify the cost??
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