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Originally Posted by mowcrazy View Post
I don't think there going anywhere but I will put forth my .02.....

First off, I can get scag tiger cats for $8,400+tax out the door with a 27hp koehler, suspension seat, and the velocity deck. Anyone who has owned both the ultracut and velocity machines........ well, there is just no comparison in my area when it comes to cut quality. We have lots of weeds and weedy grasses in this area and the velocity is hands down the winner.

For the comparable exmark with the cushy seat which is nice but still not as absorbing as the suspension seat on the scag, with ultracut deck which isnt as good of a deck as velocity I would have to shell out right at $10,500+tax.......

no brainer

Its amazing honestly....... in my area im kinda the company every knows of and I have a lot of folks ask my opinions and my opinion is go to our local dealer and ask to demo everything they have brandwise. Our dealer carries wright, exmark, bobcat, and scag.

I always tell them that I lean towards scag but why not demo them all for yourself and so far ALL of them have orange mowers now. Why not, there cheaper and cut better in this area........ Not to mention the best deck on the planet to date for less than the competitors...........

None of them have anything bad to say about the orange mowers..... Our local dealer now carries gravely and he saids hes been selling the heck out of those, approx as many as scags he sells and thats pretty impressive.
Those new Gravely 460,s do look awesome but they're pricey as well...
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