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I have been scoping out the New 30" commercial mower. What gets me going are people that can't using them trying to upsell what they use. Really, this is a niche mower. It is used to take the place of a 21 and a 21 only. If you have more grass than a 21 can handle this is not the mower for you.
You don't go out using a string trimmer to do your hedges even though it is capable of it, same kind of thing in comparing a true walk behind rather than a Hydro mid size unit, same as using a midsize hydro walk compared to a ztr.
Grass is a funny thing and grows differently in different zones. I can understand the southern guys not liking this due to lack of power, but us here in the north with cool season grass and ticky tacky lots look to a better mower that any monkey can use, Not all monkeys are alike.

We have used the 26" for 7 years now, I look forward to at least as good or better for our particular applications out of the new 30!
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