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Oh, okay. Figured I better ask that question before giving a proper response since the answer to that question plays a big part in determining the best machine for the job.

As far as 21" Honda's go, you really can't beat the HRC216 HXA commercial line. However, there are better options to be considered.

While the Honda mowers are cheaper (by approximately $100 to $150) compared to eXmark and Toro, they have a tendency to cost more in the long run due to their higher costs of maintenance/repairs. This is due to a couple reasons. First, they are built with more parts (so I'm told anyway) which gives room for parts to go bad more frequently (more parts, more problems). Secondly, the costs to replace some parts is a tad more expensive. Someone please correct me on that if I'm wrong though. And the third reason they cost more to maintain: According to the dealership I deal with, the labor charge to work on those is generally higher since it takes longer to fix certain things. Of course that issue can be disregarded if you're doing your own repairs.

I'm really not trying to make the Honda sound like a bad idea because they ARE good machines. I used a number of them over the years, and have always been happy with their performance. The last one I had though just got old and worn out, so I had to replace it. The dealer said he'd sell me a new Honda, but advised that I consider other options. After hearing what he had to say about the options available in store, I decided to switch over to the eXmark commercial 21. So far, I'm happy with the decision made.

Just some food for thought...
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