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Originally Posted by ryde307 View Post
Jcontracting- I would say we are a bit less than that and of those alot still don't go far. The good is once your in with commercial people you typically stay in unless you really mess up.

Landfakers- Thanks we mow with exmarks. Just switched to them this year.

Jbell- We have a undertailgate snowex new this season and a replacment tailgate snowex new last season. The under has been a disappointment. Both are not cheap and both have now come missing wiring and loose bolts.
The under tailgate auger came apart 2 weeks ago during a salting event, some pins on it have bent from normal use, some spinner problems and a few other things. I am not impressed and working on having the dealer buy it back and switch to something else.

To answer your question vs a vbox advantage is can haul more salt, Vbox also keeps salt off of the trucks better. Major disadvantage is liability of running the box up and hitting something cost is more for the vbox. Those are a few. With that said we may switch one to a vbox next season.
i ask because we have had many problems with our V box...the biggest advantage i see to a tailgate replacement or under tailgate is if something breaks you can simply take the tailgate off and dump the load if needed, with the V box you have to shovel it out by hand, THAT SUCKS...the other advantage is you can put more in the bed vs a V box...and third, it's much easier to install every season, with the v box you have to have a tractor or bobcat load it...we are thinking about switching to one or the other next season...would you suggest the tailgate replacement over the under tailgate?

i just don't want to make the wrong move and sell the V box when i later figure out that it is better than the other two options...
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