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million dollar advice for Connor

Sorry your thread got hijacked,280.00r. My answer to your original question is to approach equipment charges from the dealer perspective. I bid directly off of their weekly rental rates, add 12% for insurance, 7- 10 dollars/hr for fuel and then attachment rental charges. Here you go.

Bobcat t750 + bucket 1700.00 week
Attachment (rock hound) 400.00
12% ins (going rate) 252.00
40 hrs fuel@2 g/hr/3.50/g. 280.00
Delivery/pickup 125.00
Cleaning charge. 50.00

GT 2807.00 or 561.40 day or 70.00 per hour.
Never apologize for these charges. Too many guys leave equipment at 200 per day because they already "own it". Well you can't own it til you pay for it. And you can't pay for it til you charge accordingly. Don't be like so many others who can't afford repairs or lose the equipment to the bank because they left money on the table. Keep in mind that I run this equipment 4-5 days per week so these charges work for me. Also, 14 yrs is a bonus because you know that you dont know alot so you are willing to learn the right way. Good luck.
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