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Flatbed with removable dovetail

I have been playing with the idea of getting rid of my trailers and going with a flatbed truck. Right now I have pickup trucks and rack dumps with landscape trailers and I use those trucks as plow trucks in the winter or use the rack trucks for clean up. The downside in going with a flatbed truck is that it only has one use. If I decide to go with the flatbed trucks with stationary dovetails I can't use those trucks for anything else. I've been doing some research and came across a company called Blue Ridge Manufacturing they make something called a grasspro RDT. This seems to me to be the best product on the market for removable dovetails. I thought this was a great idea because in the winter I can remove the tail put a salt spreader in the truck or even use the truck for cleanup and or mulch. Here is a link to see it in action I was wondering if anyone has seen this in person and if you know the cost of something like this. Let me know your thoughts and or suggestions.
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