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Originally Posted by laman View Post
E85 is 85 percent alcohol. No small engine that I know can run this much alcohol...
You missed the point I was trying to make concerning the B3C Ethanol Shield product. If adding that to a blower tank of E85 and 2 cycle oil can keep the blower running well beyond 3 tanks, then it's going to do just as equal a wonder when used with E10 or heaven forbid even E15. Of course this was done under test conditions with a new blower which require the carburetor be adjusted to even run that ratio, but it still shows the product works. Without the addition of the Ethanol Shield using E85, the oil won't even fully mix with the "fuel" in the tank and you end up burning up the engine in much shorter time due to lack of oil (since the oil is only able to mix with the 15% of gas that remains in an E85 blend).
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