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I believe the part that has frustrated a few people is the fact that your in this all for the money, not for the love of the lawn and landscape management industry. Don't get me wrong because we all enjoy the perks that come at the end of the month. I'm not responding to start a disagreement, just attempting to dissolve some of this bashing.
It is very disrespectful to say without you your employees families won't eat. Our philosophy here is my family doesn't eat without my hardworking well qualified crews. Without compensating your laborers properly it is hard to retain them for the future and grow an operation.
Maybe think about how much you can afford to compensate your distributors at a set rate with possibility of extra earnings off leads. For example offer them $50 a day for distributing the flyers and a set rate for any sales you receive from that distributor. Calling it commission entails the distributor to make the sale.
Just a side note for starting up, don't try to become large too quick. It takes a few years to get your feet under you when dealing with all the details that come along with owning a lawn management organization.
Remember I'm not posting in an attacking way, I am a younger owner as well. But prior to starting my company I was in the industry for 3 years, as well as took courses to advance my knowledge in this industry. I would recommend taking a few turf management courses especially to make your resume brighter to customers.
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