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Thanks for the comments. I can't believe I did not notice the hover statement on the estimate form. And regarding the content: I don't believe in reinventing the wheel, and I know some of the copyright laws, but my goal is to provide information to my clients so they don't have to look for it/google it. I don't want to represent that the information is totally all from me, that is not the intent. You learn from doing (experience) or reading and applying. I know I have learned a lot from this site. I will rework some of it and give credit at the end as to where it came from. I have saw cards, flyers, etc on here that people use pictures from the internet on, and I do understand how that appears. I will have my own work to do this with soon. I totally believe in being professional and above board. Anyway, thanks again. I still need to figure how this thing about compiling information for my clients to read versus me not being the author. In some ways I don't see a problem with it, as it is available to them on the internet. But then, even though I don't claim to be the author, it may be implied that it is my writings. So, I will go back and figure out at least what site to give credit to. I did get permission to use the estimate form, as it was made available through jotform. Anyway, thanks again. I am learning, but am a fast learner.
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