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I believe the part that has frustrated a few people is the fact that your in this all for the money, not for the love of the lawn and landscape management industry. Don't get me wrong because we all enjoy the perks that come at the end of the month. I'm not responding to start a disagreement, just attempting to dissolve some of this bashing.
It is very disrespectful to say without you your employees families won't eat. Our philosophy here is my family doesn't eat without my hardworking well qualified crews. Without compensating your laborers properly it is hard to retain them for the future and grow an operation.
It's also frustrating because whatever criticism someone in this business offers this guy he always has the answer. He wants to distribute 50,000 advertising pieces. That's fine if you are a large established company like Tru-Green or Brickman who has the crews and manpower to handle the responses. But this kid has nothing and no experience and assuming that he does get 250 customers signed up, he is then going to ask for money up front from them to buy equipment and hire employees. The funds he has saved up probably wouldn't buy one rider and no financial institution is going to give him a loan like he thinks. If he came here saying that he wanted to start an LCO, wanted to know what equipment he should start out with and how to generate some customers everybody would be behind him. That's a reasonable business idea and we've all been there. But this guys ideas are not realistic because he lacks knowledge and experience.
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