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I agree that it's something the AOLP should look into doing a study on. I'm not sure that polling Real Estate Agents is the best way to go about that, though. Half of them really seem to be fairly clueless in general. And even with the other half, I'm not sure they often get to see what the homes they are selling look like at night time. Most of the time, you're showing a house during the day time. Also, I'm not sure most real estate agents would even make the delineation between a real pro lighting system and a Home Depot jobby that the homeowner did themselves. I think they tend to write "This home has Professional Outdoor Lighting" even when the lighting system is crap, just because that's what they always do - exaggerate everything.

My neighbor has a house for sale and -- I kid you not -- the listing says, "Swimming pool and hot tub". Well, the swimming pool is a $259 above-ground jobby that's all leaning over on all sides and filled with rainwater, moss, scum, and other nastiness. It's more of a liability than a plus. Because the only thing anyone is going to be able to do with that piece of crap is dismantle it and take it to the dump and pay $60 to get rid of it. Hot tub is in similar condition. But they didn't even bother to really take any of this into consideration. They just want people to look at the house.

When they sold me my house they said it had a "professional underground sprinkler system". And I wasn't able to check it out too much during the walk through. It looked professional enough. Had valve boxes in the right place, I saw heads placed throughout the property, a controller set up, etc. It didn't take me long that next spring to realize it was a total home-owner built piece of crap. Backflow was the wrong kind, installed incorrectly, valves were no good, pipes cracked all over, mis-sized pipe, etc. I had to install a totally new system.

My point is realtors don't really know. They're just trying to get you to buy the house.

I think a really good study should be done. But you'd have to do it on the basis of checking to see whether homes with really pro installed lighting systems actually SOLD for more than homes without. That'd be tough to quantify exactly. But it could be done. I'm surprised the AOLP hasn't already looked into it.
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