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As been said, the problem here is the approach. Basically using people for something that isn't certain without properly compensating them for their efforts (also it is rather difficult to prove that you didn't make a sale on your part which may create ill-feelings). Plus add that you don't have anything set up to handle the possible work (equipment, manpower, experience, capital) and it makes the more experienced people here put on their good-guy hats and give you advice on what to do so you avoid a lot of possible issues.

Now my take on this. I don't like to distribute door to door and will either have someone else do it for me as soon as I can (of course with proper compensation) or direct mailing so I understand you not wanting to 'bust ass' on door to door advert.
You not having the necessary things to handle the work is a major red flag.
I don't know of any company that charges upfront for this type of service so it'll be a hard sell considering most people are used to paying after the service is performed (some even 20-30 days after). Taking out a loan for a newly founded company is out of the question and taking out a personal loan at 18 without a stable job will be hard as well.
Even worse is not having any kind of experience doing the work you are advertising for your company. In my experience starting this type of business without much money needs a reliable lead starting out and this is usually the business owner. You want to be able to do a good and reliable job if you want to stay in business.

You want to jump right into the business management part, which isn't necessarily bad, but doing so requires a lot of money AND reliable help. IMO you are better off working, saving money and buying an existing company with a good reputation and then take on the management responsibilities and grow from there.

Save yourself a lot of headaches and listen to some of the advice given in this thread. It will also save you a lot of money.
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