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Originally Posted by mjlcare2 View Post
I have a customer who developed fusarium wilt on 3 queens on their yard. All 3 trees are within 5 feet of each other. The homeowner is 1. a foreigner 2. a northern foreigner.. so of course he doesn't understand Florida turf and landscape care.. We have been watching the trees for about 2 months now and Im very confident in what has gotten to them. He wants something in writing as to what happened to the trees and what needs to be done with them. This also helps get the blame off my shoulders. Any palm tree guys or Arborists out there willing to help a guy out and take a look at some pics of the trees and write out a diagnosis on letter head.. Shoot me a price if any so I can send that over to the customer if he still insists. I'm sure not paying for it.. we thoroughly disinfect our pruning tools after each trimming and no other customers have problems with their queens. thanks in advance!
Call your county extension agent, they will either do what you need or refer you to the right person. Best of all they will come out at no cost and take a look, it's what their there for. Some are better than others, but its worth a shot.
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