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Originally Posted by SydneyLawnCare View Post
I'M A TROLL? LMFAO. When Mr.Yard Army shows up out of no where with 2 posts targeting me? I'm beginning to think your him on a different account.

And yup. Thanks for admitting that your wrong and that I just out-knowledged you in your own damn industry's marketing. I'm guessing your revenues are through the roof with this whole "expansion is bad and entrepreneurs are evil" attitude.
I will give you some free advice, It takes Money to make Money... You should be reading this forum more than posting in it. Not picking on you here, but alot of guys here have been down your road many times. You need to respect that or you will get no respect yourself. I just bought a used WB 2 weeks ago from a 19 year old who tried it for two years and had to sell everthing, atleast he owned all of his equipment when he started. Lawn cutting is tough and cut throat in my area. Wishing you the best in your endevors.
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