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Lightbulb How to Get Potential Customers to Buy From You

I wrote this for my blog and I even included a picture of Vanilla Ice!

This is going to be very short, very simple, right to the point, and if you do it well, it will be wildly successful.

People do not like to be sold. They don't like a salesperson being pushy and overly-persuasive. People definitely like to buy, but what they buy depends on them, not on you.

People buy products and even hire lawn care and landscaping companies based on what they want, what makes them happy, what is important to them.

So.... find out what their pain is. Every consumer wants a solution to their problems. If you find out what those problems are, you can give them what they want.

Ask them. Ask them in person, ask them on the phone, ask them when providing an estimate.

"What problems are you facing?" or "What has been your biggest challenge dealing with landscape companies so far?" or "What is it that you want that others have not been able to provide?"

Find as many ways as possible to re-word this question to make it your own for each unique situation. But ask the question. The prospect will look at you as a problem solver, as someone concerned with their wants and needs and not just some obnoxious salesperson or business owner trying to make a buck.

Become their partner. Focus on their needs. Create the idea that you are going to work with them because their concerns, problems, wants and needs are as important to you as they are to them.

You are not a landscaper. You are a business owner. You must sell to grow your business. People like "buying" from those they like. Most consumers "like" people who want to help them and solve their problems.
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