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From a buyers point of view. If you are looking at multiple houses in the same general price range human nature would lean you to the one with most Options/upgrades. I just went through the process and almost every house i looked at i found myself looking at the yeard,landscape,lights,sprinkler system before we even went in, then i would look for finished basement, granite counters so on and so on.. I don't know if you could say i would pay some exact amount more for those options but with them all in the same range i made offers on the ones that fit our needs obviously but second to that was which ones had the upgrades i was looking for.
It saves me the time and money from doing it once we move in.

No different than looking at a car, if your looking at multiple vehicles in the same range people will lean towards the one with leather, sunroof,remote start, window tint ect. even if it is a little more or has a few more miles..

I do not think you can put a number on the value, but anything that makes a house look or function better will make someone choose it before choosing one without them..
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