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If you know what it takes to run it...and feel u have 5% to give... fine. I just rebid a 20k job....i wasnt the low bid but was the contracto for last 3 years. My work has been top notch and they said so. They asked if i could.."sharpen my pencil". I said no....and went into detail about whag all insurance i carry....about my uniforms my crew wears..and the lettering on the truck. Not to mention...
I know the property and what it takes...and my numbers represent what it takes for me to leave them wirh a professional job each week. I got the bid back based on my quality. I will take quality over quantity any day. Big box store called and wanted me to take two stores in my area...sent me pricing...i called back and said not for these prices. She said what will it take...i told her. She said she would have to keep looking as we were really far off. Two weeks later she called back and met my numbers. Bottom line....i didnt get into business to be a public service....i did it to make a living. Covering expenses doesnt make a living. Guys....letting others dictate our prices only hurts us.
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