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Originally Posted by jeffwoodall View Post
And regarding the content: I don't believe in reinventing the wheel, and I know some of the copyright laws, but my goal is to provide information to my clients so they don't have to look for it/google it. I don't want to represent that the information is totally all from me, that is not the intent.
Let me cut through the politeness and/or sarcasm of Greg's recommendation to attribute work. It's not the lack of attribution that is the issue. The issue, to be blunt, is that you did nothing more than steal content. In fact, it looks like every word of your site is stolen from other LCOs, The Lawn Advisor, or MSN articles on lawn care. By you "not wanting to reinvent the wheel", you are simply devaluing the original content by replicating it on your site. There is no arguing this or minimizing it. If you want to give your customers the information, you link to it and send them there.

I will rework some of it and give credit at the end as to where it came from.
Unless it's a governmental source (ie, extension offices, etc), you likely have no business or reason to source content from others and then just "give credit" to the originator. It. Doesn't. Work. That. Way.

I still need to figure how this thing about compiling information for my clients to read versus me not being the author.
It's reeeeally simple. Write it and you are the author.

In some ways I don't see a problem with it, as it is available to them on the internet. But then, even though I don't claim to be the author, it may be implied that it is my writings. So, I will go back and figure out at least what site to give credit to
In some ways, do you see a problem with an LCO taking a backpack blower off of your trailer? If they don't have one, why not take yours?

Since you mention this a few times, it tells me you don't fundamentally understand the issue. Go back through the last few pages of this forum and read the various site review requests. You will see the Duplicate Content issue addressed. You'll also want to Google it to understand why it's important.

Also, your animated banner looks grainy because .gif images can't be enlarged without heavily degrading the quality. I would either use it at the standard size or not use it at all.
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