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Originally Posted by CJCuttingEdge View Post
Any recent pictures of the truck? What type of mileage do you get?
CJ- I do have some recent pics of the truck. I tried to upload them but I keep getting a security error message and they won't up load. If you want I can PM you my email and you can respond with yours so I can just email them to you.

I never tracked the MPG's on it. If I had to guess a would say about 13 mpg. It didn't seem as bad as a gas F250 pulling a trailer but certainly not a Honda... For what the truck did for us it seemed pretty economical in the whole big picture. It's still a great running truck. If I were still bagging and growing my company I would certainly try to build another. Almost thirty years in the biz and I'm slowing down and trying to plan for my exit...
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