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bckydlbrjak - thanks for the compliments. I love my jeep and its still my daily driver outside of work. Its got 114,000 on it now so itll be around for a while hopefully. I have thought about getting another to do driveways but it just doesnt add up to me. If i ever did something like that Id get a tacoma which is what ill get after this probably for the bed space. Honestly we dont do enough plowing at the moment to worry about it. The money that i make off of that is just bonus/repair bills money.

Thornton- Starting young is defiantly the way to go since i dont have any living expenses in comparison to most of you guys. this enables me to reinvest alot into my company. our profit margin last year was VERY good and i dont think ill ever be able to break it. Payroll is done through a company as i dont want to hassle with ot or have the time being in school still and doing everything else i am. As far as it digging into my profitability as long as i have the capital saved up i dont worry about it. What i mean is that i look at it as the more i pay my guys the more i am making since they are out working making me more money. Now if you are constantly going into overtime every week you have an issue. I do realize this is a mojor issue for all in the spring when your cash is all out there on supplies, equiptment, payroll, and job invoices that have not been paid. hope this helps.
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