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Other responses in this thread notwithstanding, I think you are biting off more than you can chew here. When/if those calls calls come in, you need to be able to deliver that day. A client responding on that first round is not going to be happy waiting. I might be understanding your wrong, but you are not even planning equipping until you sign clients? You'll get loans to get that equipment based on what? What bank gives a business a loan with no earnings history? Knowing business is all well and good, but you are doing business with People, and your skills there (based on what I have seen in this thread) need vast improvement. It is people you will make deals with, it is people you will have to satisfy each month to keep them as clients. Simply seeing that the work is done is not going to grow your business.

How many clients do you think you'll get with this ad campaign?
How many crews will be needed to service those clients.
What Equipment will they need?
How many clients will they be able to service a day?
What happens when someone gets sick? when they quit?
What are your insurance costs going to be?
Fuel costs?
Maintenance costs?
Labor costs?

You have no idea about any of these costs because you are not operating. You have no idea what you need to charge to be profitable.

If you were operating, You'd have a decent grasp on your expansion costs for equipment, and all the rest.

Doubling the man hours you can bill does not mean you double your productivity.

Make sure to keep us updated. Everyone loves a trainwreck.
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