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I would not go drilling in the pools side walls, header, whatever you wanna call it. To me - they're walls.

We work around multiple pools annually. And I have never seen a single concrete pool (gunite and concrete are the same thing in my eyes for what we do) where a slab has been doweled into the concrete. In my eyes - do not go drilling into their pool. Some here may reply "we do it all the time". Good for you. The slab must float with the winter heaving. If you down that slab and it heaves I it could apply pressure to the dowel points and cause a structural crack. I've seen it all, structural cracks, earth quake damage, poor mixes of cement, I can go on and on.

Also the pool builder may frown on their pool being drilled in. You'd be amazed how many lawsuits arise from concrete problems with concrete/gunite pools. Primarily because pool builders take short cuts in the gunite aspect. The use gunite with super low PSI strength. the don't use enough rebar. And so forth.

Duraslope is the ONLY drain system that you DO NOT need to pitch. That's the beauty of it. Yeah it's pricey. But it works and you'll never have to do a thing with it afterwards.
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