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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post

I don't get your preoccupation with getting the absolute lowest price. I would never expect a dealer to sell me anything at cost or buy online to save a few bucks. I support my dealer so that he will support me when I need him. What kind of service do you think you'll get on your unit when you blow him off and buy it online and then go into his shop looking for parts/service? I know that my dealer would have called around to other local dealers if he couldn't get one for me from his distributor because I don't bust his stones about price. If he found one he'd probably go pick it up personally and deliver it to my door. What kind of service do you give customers who nickel and dime you?

The fact that he won't take your calls means that he's had it with should take that as a hint.
NO need to buy online The Dealer did it I am so happy I got it all the Husqvarna HU800awd Retail Price $499.99 my price $433.50 ,Husqvarna 580BTS Retail Price $579.99 my price $433.50 ,Husqvarna 224L Retail Price $349.99 my price $270 with tax was $1250.70

The blower is on back order but they will call when it is in and I got the mower ,and trimmer today .

P.S. So everybody know's It was He's idea to say what he said that "he would give me spuer good deal right at cost" .All I said was will you give me a good deal if I buy 3 thing he said "oh yes"this was week's ago .He call me after that to ask me what mower ,trimmer ,blower I need that'when (HE)said right at cost .

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