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Originally Posted by tinkerlawn View Post
Funny you started a thead like this as i am currrently in the process of fabing up one of these! Were trying to get away from the trailers and go with a single truck we could use for mowing and also meet all of our landscape needs. From my research it seems that is the only company that professionally makes these other than the grass pro guy. But I'm not sure what company he's with? The ones from wil-ro do not require you to have a dump bed in order to attach them to your truck. I have some close up pictures of a removeable one I'm using to make my own if you were looking for some
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The one thing I didn't like about wil-ro was all of the stands that were required to disconnect the dovetail. When I saw this one I fell in love with how easy it was to load and unload it. I'm thinking I would at least need a 16' bed plus the tail to fit two 61" bobcat riders and a 36" walk behind. I'm going to try and contact the company tomorrow to see if I can get more info.
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