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Originally Posted by irrig8r View Post
I've never measured resistance "from the controller" itself... or do you mean he measured the resistance of the solenoid via the wire path to/ from the controller?
If i had meant to include the controller i would have said "through the controller", i could have said "at the controller" which is a location, but didn't mean that. Instead i said "from the controller" which implies direction.
In hindsight i could have chosen better words but i understood my Texas friend very well.
A reading of 180 would make me suspect a partial connection or badly corroded wire connector (as you mentioned, checking the splices).
As you should, that's what the books say and the teachers teach.

You know what they say about "when you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras"?

Anyway, though it makes sense to suspect the insulation, please explain how you test the "short to earth"
Adjust a DMM to 2,000kohms and insert the black probe into the earth, touch the red probe to the conductor under test. >600,000ohms look at the splice. <600,000 look at the buried wire path first.
because it's outside of my limited knowledge and experience.
I have no idea why that would be, you spend as much or more time with LV lighting and should be more familiar with a DMM than most of the irrigation forum members.

2wire should be a cinch for you. Voltage drop, wattage and amp calc formulas should also be second nature by now.

All that i am trying to accomplish is to bring to light a few simple tools that have been in use for decades that may help make troubleshooting easier.
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