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I agree the Armada Pro800 is a nice locator, but so is the 521. But the problem with both is if you dont know how to use it they are worthless. A 800 is just like a 521, or even a small 508 it takes time to learn how to be accurate and precise with them. Something that can not be learned from a book. I carry two multi meters, one is a clamp meter from Armada, belive its a model 92, I use it for 2 wire systems on Milli amps and then I carry a nice milwaukee meter that is "water resistant" and thats my go to tool for wiring issues. Like everything practice makes perfect. I have both a 800 and 521 locator, my tech is way better with the 800 than the 521 but I can do more most of the time with the 521 compaired to the 800. I wish you the best of luck.
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