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hi guys. ok, back in november I went and got the single 40lb bag of the pelletized dolomitic lime from lowes and put it down in my front yard. I believe (if my horrible math is correct) that my front yard consists of approximately 750' or around that. I havent done anything else to it since then. no planting or anything, just letting it sit. I was going to go get another bag of lime and spread it out this afternoon as its supposed to rain tomorrow but wondering if that is ok or not?

there hasnt been any type of change in the yard growth mainly because I've just let it sit. I was going to wait until around march to get seed and then till the areas of the yard I want to reseed at the same time.

what should I get for all the trace elements that need added? Its been steady 60's/70's here in charleston past month or two with the occasional couple of nights in the 30's.

when should I start adding the trace elements and is there any type of easily available compost or fertilizer I should spread when I go to till? should I beat the ground to bareness with my weedwhacker before I till? should I rake up any old plant matter after tilling so nothing is left to grow in the tilled soil but the new seed?

I'm really wanting to do this right this year and understand how I did it so it works out good.

I will say my daffodils are already coming up on the property line. makes me wonder if they'll die if we have another cold snap.
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