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Originally Posted by GreenAcresIrrigation View Post
But the problem with both is if you dont know how to use it they are worthless.
This is very true.
A 800 is just like a 521, or even a small 508
Each unit is unique and have their own quirks, which can amount to varying limitations.
it takes time to learn how to be accurate and precise with them. Something that can not be learned from a book.
I have attended many seminars and courses, all of which focus on basic theory rather than lab. Locating irrigation wiring and valves is a much different task than identifying multiple buried utilities.
I carry two multi meters, one is a clamp meter from Armada, belive its a model 92, I use it for 2 wire systems on Milli amps and then I carry a nice milwaukee meter that is "water resistant" and thats my go to tool for wiring issues.
I haue an Armada pro 93 LCM and use the pro 30 as my go to DMM. The Greenlee DM20 used to be my go to meter but the pro 30 is half the price and fits in my shirt pocket. The pro 30 is a solid meter that is cheap enough to lose, break or blow up and not :
Like everything practice makes perfect. I have both a 800 and 521 locator, my tech is way better with the 800 than the 521 but I can do more most of the time with the 521 compaired to the 800. I wish you the best of luck.
I have both the 800 and 521 and can honestly say that at this time, the 800 is the best irrigation specific locator on the planet.

Perfect practice and practices are as important as the desire one must have to be the best.
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