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Yeah, thats because on a new model they get his for free, and whatever they can sell it for is pure profit. Yeah they are good, but then you have a $1500 transmission thats a possibility to go out etc. Dude if it tells you anything, i sold a 2006 722d 22hp kubota diesel grasshopper used with 1500 hours last year for $4200 on ebay and a guy from chicago drove down to get it. I just think you can Find a newer machine for same money, 1997 mower i dont care how nice and expensive it was there have been nearly 2.. decades of changes and improvements. I have a guy that trades every 2 years trading in 4 this year. They will be the 430d and new 725d models all 2010 with around 1500 hours. I will sell between 5000 and 6500. They are used daily but he takes good care of them and maintenance schedule is good... diesels are rated around 6000 hours mowers usually rot before the motor goes bad... in your case i am worried about other things, not to mention if there is injecter failure or something how much it will cost you... i would save up a hair more or shop around a little better...
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