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Originally Posted by Set Apart Lawn Care View Post
My thinking is that a door hanger is meant for one purpose, to get the call. You can determine the customers needs and sell over the phone. I dont really need them to know EVERYTHING about what we do or who we are. Just a few things that I know my kind of client will want.
Spot on. Also, Set Apart, your door hanger is excellent. I feel that you really understand how to build an effective ad even if you're not a Photoshop expert. If I were a customer who needed lawn care, I would call you based on that door hanger alone. You instill trust in your customers.

@OP your door hanger is pretty awful. If that's the best you could do before coming here and asking how to "tweak" it to make it better, you should hire a professional design service. You are only going to scare people away with that door hanger. I don't mean to offend you, but you have to hear the truth. You can get a pro to design you a nice door hanger for about $100. Do it.
A full color, two-sided door hanger is the only way to go, and only costs maybe 25% more than a one-sided two color hanger.
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