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Originally Posted by Toro 455 View Post
Gee..This is back on top? Thanks for all the replies.

To respond to some of the comments;

#1, I am not running a business. I"m a solo operator. So I have a lot more flexibility than even a small business. And I figure this will blow over.

#2, I don't bid jobs. I don't want to fight my way to the bottom of the food chain. I'm sure they have solicited other bids because I've seen competitors vehicles.

I try to focus on keeping the clients I have. And they have problems other than how to keep the lawn mowed. I at least try to appear to be sensitive to their problems. And I don't make my problems their problems. I wouldn't complain to them about my overhead.
I actually disagree with this quite a bit.

even as a solo operation you still run a business. I mention this disagreement because I am a solo operation myself and I hear way to often that I don't own a business because I'm solo or that I don't run a business because I'm solo.

how can we change this view point if even some of the solo guys are going along with this mentality?

Originally Posted by weaver View Post
So you're gonna turn down a 20k job over 5%.. That 5% can easily be made back up somewhere else with them, that 20k job can't... just my opinion...
if that 20k job wasn't a large amount of my income yes I would turn down the job over 5%. or as he said, if your not making a profit.

personally I don't care how small of a loss it is, I'm not working for someone at a loss. doesn't matter if I can make it up elsewhere or not.

I don't work, just to work. I don't stay busy just to stay busy. I would turn them down and fill that time with jobs that make me a profit.

not to mention people talk. do you want word to get out that you dropped your price 5%? everyone will be asking you to lower your price because you did for them.
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