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I had one this past fall about parking on the street. Get a call from my guy about parking across the street from the house we serviced. We have been doing this property for 5 years with out a problem. New people move in across the street, and problems started for everyone. I make the trip out there and talk with the lady and see if we can come up with a solution.
She had a list of the things we are doing wrong on her street! We start to early, he parks in front of my house, he is blowing debris on my property. So I tried my best to bend for her and their needs. The owner of the property we service comes out when she see's my truck. I finish up and go over and chat with her. She said are you going to service their property? I said no she is complaining about my guy and where he is parking on the street. Well her eyes got as big saucer's and started spinning, her next words were don't you change a thing we will take care of this. Long story short, that crazy lady calls the cops the following week when we returned and parked in the street half way on their property line. Wonder how this will play out this year?
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