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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
I actually disagree with this quite a bit.

even as a solo operation you still run a business. I mention this disagreement because I am a solo operation myself and I hear way to often that I don't own a business because I'm solo or that I don't run a business because I'm solo.

how can we change this view point if even some of the solo guys are going along with this mentality?

if that 20k job wasn't a large amount of my income yes I would turn down the job over 5%. or as he said, if your not making a profit.

personally I don't care how small of a loss it is, I'm not working for someone at a loss. doesn't matter if I can make it up elsewhere or not.

I don't work, just to work. I don't stay busy just to stay busy. I would turn them down and fill that time with jobs that make me a profit.

not to mention people talk. do you want word to get out that you dropped your price 5%? everyone will be asking you to lower your price because you did for them.
I totally agree yardguy, i would'nt work for a loss either. I'm just saying AS A SOLO OPERATOR A 20K JOB IS ALOT TO REPLACE.. Maybe i'm just that small & 20k jobs come easily for you guys but not around here. But like i said none of us no his profit or cost on that job so we can all just sit around wondering..
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