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Around here I am getting $60-$65/pmh for mowing. Ill break down my costs to operate below...

To run 2 52" machines, 1 ZTR, and 1 WB= $9.37/per hour
Two trimmers running for an hour= $.75/hour
Two blowers=1.26/hour
3/4Truck=$.53/ a mile (loaded)
One worker=$20/hour
My wages=$25/hour
Now to figure out what it really costs to mow. The average time for me mow a yard that I have figured to be $60 or one man hour. I have several of these properties and the average time to complete from dropping the gate to picking it up is 27 minutes. I have a fairly tight route and the average drive between properties is 1.47 miles (this is what a winter with barely any snow has given me time to do) and takes about a 5 minutes to drive to the next property in most instances. And then its rinse and repeat. So in 1 hour of running it has cost me just at $56.59 with everybody paid and me doing 2 yards at $60 a piece. So that is a profit after im paid of $63.71 which most of the time goes into marketing, repairs, and everything that it costs to run a business. And at the end of the week of full mowing the amount of leftover money after all that goes out isnt much. Im sure most of you will see the above number and start yelling at the screen but technically that is just me breaking even. Add up the additional costs to run your business and the owner of the business isnt making all that much per hour. Now if I had somebody else working for me and if sat at a desk I would be in trouble.
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